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Voice of Charity (VOC) is a Christian, Cultural and Ecumenical Radio Station managed by the Lebanese Maronite Missionaries. VOC is the official radio station for the Eastern Churches in Australia and New Zealand, broadcasting in Arabic and in English.

VOC mainly aims to spread the Word of God. Its programs target full panoply of listeners, especially the families, the youth, the children, the elderly, the ailing, the solitary, the weak and all people of good will without any discrimination.

Voice of Charity has broadcast for the first time in Sydney on 10 November 1997, maintaining the same objectives and approach to that in Lebanon. All programs broadcast, are produced in Lebanon or Australia and are presented in both the Arabic and English languages, and in accordance with the Liturgical year. Programs are prepared to meet all age groups.

The initial broadcast was for one hour a day, five days a week, broadcasting from 2NBC FM. Subsequently the VOC was broadcasting from SWR FM, six days and up to 20 hours a week. In December 2000, the VOC temporarily discontinued its broadcast due to various challenges experienced in accessing air time from existing community radio stations, and obtaining a frequency in the voice of charity’s own right.

* On the 8th of April 1999, Voice of charity has become registered as a company limited by guarantee
   (ACN 086 644 377)

* On the 20th of March 2000, Voice of Charity has made an application for a community broadcasting licence (licence area plan Blacktown RA1) to represent the Christian Community Interest.

* On the 17th of April 2000, the Australian Broadcasting Authority has approved that the broadcasting service proposed by Voice of Charity for the people from Eastern Christian communities in Sydney, falls within the
open narrowcasting category.

* In December 2003, VOC purchased three VHF frequencies and resumed its broadcast on Christmas Day 2003. VOC broadcasts 24/7 from its own Studios at Mt Druitt with an audience of over 2000 families. These frequencies are received only on special receivers which have been made available to parishioners through the Churches.

* In July 2009, VOC has leased the 1701AM frequency and increased its audience to over 20,000 listeners.

* In March 2010, VOC has allocated one VHF frequency in Wollongong, one VHF frequency in Brisbane, two VHF frequencies in Melbourne and one VHF frequency in Adelaide.

* On the 22nd of February 2011, the Minister for the Arts and the Treasurer, have approved the application for VOC to be listed on the Register of Cultural Organisations. Voice of Charity Public Fund, has become eligible to receive tax deductible donations.