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  • While he clung to Peter and John, all the people ran together to them in the portico called Solomon’s Portico, utterly astonished. When Peter saw it, he addressed the people, ‘You Israelites, why do you wonder at this, or why do you stare at us, as though by our own power or piety we had made him walk? The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, the God of our ancestors has glorified his servant Jesus, whom you handed over and rejected in the presence of Pilate, though he had decided to release him. But you rejected the Holy and Righteous One and asked to have a murderer given to you, and you killed the Author of life, whom God raised from the dead. To this we are witnesses. And by faith in his name, his name itself has made this man strong, whom you see and know; and the faith that is through Jesus has given him this perfect health in the presence of all of you. ‘And now, friends, I know that you acted in ignorance, as did also your rulers. In this way God fulfilled what he had foretold through all the prophets, that his Messiah would suffer. Repent therefore, and turn to God so that your sins may be wiped out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, and that he may send the Messiah appointed for you, that is, Jesus, who must remain in heaven until the time of universal restoration that God announced long ago through his holy prophets.

  • Now will I praise those godly men, our ancestors, each in his own time. But of others there is no memory, for when they ceased, they ceased. And they are as though they had not lived, they and their children after them. Yet these also were godly men whose virtues have not been forgotten; Their wealth remains in their families, their heritage with their descendants; Through God's covenant with them their family endures, their posterity, for their sake. And for all time their progeny will endure, their glory will never be blotted out;

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  • Richard Thirkeld was ordained a priest in France in 1579, and returned to homeland of York, England, soon after to serve as a home missioner. There he was arrested on the eve of the Annunciation in 1538 for the crime of being a priest.He was imprisoned for two months before being brought to court on May 27, 1538 for hearing confessions and bringing lapsed Catholics back to the Church. He was sentenced to death the following day, May 29, was executed in York. He used his short time in jail to minister to the other prisoners, especially those sentenced to death.He was executed secretly because authorities feared that his public execution would have caused a public demonstration.He was beatified by Pope Leo XIII in 1886.

  • El Informe anual de la Autoridad de Información Financiera (AIF) ha sido presentado este viernes en la Sala de Prensa de la Santa Sede, por su presidente, René Brulhart, y el director del ente Tommaso di Ruzza. Brulhart explicó que ellos se sitúan como un servicio de 'inteligencia' para garantizar la transparenc...

  • La fe auténtica, abierta a los otros y al perdón, obra milagros. Dios nos ayuda a no caer en una religiosidad egoísta y empresaria. Así lo ha recordado el Santo Padre Francisco durante la homilía de esta mañana en Santa Marta. El Evangelio de hoy propone “tres modos de vivir” en las imágenes de la higuera que no da...

  • VER Caín no aceptó que su hermano Abel fuera diferente, y lo mató. Esto nos hace pensar que llevamos en lo más profundo de nuestra humanidad la tendencia a rechazar a quienes piensan y actúan en forma distinta. En vez de respetarnos, tolerarnos, sobrellevarnos, valorarnos y apreciarnos como un enriquecimiento mu...

  • El papa Francisco recibió este jueves en el Vaticano al príncipe del Estado Libre de Sajonia, Alexander von Sachsen, que iba acompañado por toda su familia. Estaba previsto que se saludaran en inglés o en alemán, pero toda la conversación se desarrolló en español. A continuación el relato de lo sucedido, recogid...

  • Una misa de exequias por el sacerdote Vicente Pazos González, el primer vicario regional de la prelatura del Opus Dei en el Perú y uno de los principales promotores de la fundación de la Universidad de Piura, fue celebrada este miércoles en la iglesia de la Medalla Milagrosa en Lima. El sacerdote español que por so...